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to perform the synchronized meditation in the spirit of unity

at 20:20  pm  each day Hungarian time.​



at 2019.6.9.1:02 am at night and 1:02 pm at day time

The time has come to unite the different melodies in a single multicolored song, the song of life!


Can you see it? Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

Our Heavenly Mother has opened a door and she asks us to return to our spiritual homeland.


We will perform the synchronized meditation in the spirit of unity

at 20:20 on each day Hungarian time.​

In 2019 the day of Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, falls to the ninth (the number of the root chakra) day of the sixth (the number of the heart chakra) month. If we add the time we will get the same number reading from the left to the right or from the right to the left.

This constellation is very rare in the universe.

The activation and fixation of the Light to Earth was made in January and a wonderful hallelujah resounded in Heaven and on Earth.

We are organizing a global synchronized meditation to accelerate the creation of the New Golden Age, to expand these fifth and higher level energies, and to accelerate the awakening process on Earth.


Only we can do this for ourselves.

The precise date of the vital important meditation is:


at 20:20 on each day


More information: Before the date of THE DREAM OF UNITY Meditation, every day at 20:20 pm, we add the willingness, to invite all our soul mates to participate in this syncronized meditation each day 20:20.

We wait for you with affection if you feel the call to participate.


If you have never meditated before it is not a problem, each day at 20:20 you have to sit and listen to the audio material that we have prepared and that lasts 33 minutes. Prepare matches and a candle, which you can light when you listen to the audio material, to symbolize the LIGHT and your Earthly Self.


If the meditation will reach you after this date, you can do the meditation when it has reached you, to create THE WHOLE DREAM Meditation we do this meditation each day at 20:20  to create the unit.

If you click on the button, a window will appear asking you to log in, but all you need to do is press the x button and then you can download and listen to the meditation in English. In addition, it is recommended that you download the audio meditation material to your computer, since the presence of too many listeners at the same time can prevent listening in quiet hours.

The ancient stamp of the light: In order to preserve this harmony and peace, you are closing your chakras with an ancient stamp of light. The stamp of light is a cross of light in the circle of light, as large as it can fit in your palm. The stamp of light let’s the light pass to you, but keeps out the shadows, does not allow the shadow to enter into your reality. It is very important that after meditation all the chakras to be closed with the stamp of light, and it is important that you complete the closing of the solar plexus chakra with the stamp of light.


Thank you to all my dear spiritual fellows for the help and the hard work, that they carry out every day on Earth.

Creation of the work THE DREAM OF UNITY Meditation



Daniel Mitel: channeling the ancient Tibetan meditation SUN and MOON

Andrea Veres: channeling the text of our Holly Mothers "Home calling Song”, on the notes of the Hungarian folk song "Bujdosó"

Viktória Piri:  singer of our Holly Mother "Home calling Song”, on the notes of the Hungarian folk song "Bujdosó"


Orchestration of music THE DREAM OF UNITY Meditation:

Dávid Jäger
Guzheng (Chinese harp), Hotchiku, Shakukachi (Japanese bamboo flute), Bansuri (Indian flute), Gong, Thingsha, Prayer bell.

András Sas
Tibetan Horn, Handpan (Inner song, the blue point steel heart), Crystal dishes, Tingsha, Lama bell, Tibetan bell.​

The recording was made in the Nortyx sound studio

Tuesday, July 4, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Chief sound engineer: Péter Tóth

Recording sound engineer: Balázs Ossó

Mixing and mastering: Péter Tóth


Translation to Spanish: József Stökl

Review in English: Béla Balogh

Review in Romanian: Roxana Tudor

Creator of the work THE DREAM OF UNITY Meditation, scriptwriter, editor, voices in Hungarian, English, Spanish and Romanian, translation in English and Romanian:
Melinda Fülöp​

Our Holly Mother Home calling song


The golden gate of heaven opens,

From here the Queen of Heaven looks at us,

In their eyes both shine a star of purity,

Her soft words call us home.


Village of the Holy Lady, the time has come,

Come out of the darkness of the night,

In the land of the sun is the house of the Hungarians,

In the true world of our Divine Mother.


Live your world to be faithful,

Help your Hungarian people with your sincere words,

Honor your father's son with the spirit of all,

Clean your heart in the your ocean of force.


The day has come for the world of our hearts.

The eyes of honest Hungarians shine,

The happy mother extends her mantle,

This is how her true children will flourish!

Hungarian state of mind:
the exalted state of the ONE Faithful faith, following the Christian path, exercising interest-free love, able to offer itself/herself/himself.


Website edited by Andrea Veres

Photo of the SUN and MOON provided by Erika Molnár